I am so glad that you are here.  I invite you to look around, stay for a while and enjoy all the beautiful memories captured on the website.  If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message -- I would love to hear from you!

Want to know a little about me?.....well, hear ya go.......

I am a mom--first and always! I am also a mom that loves photography. I enjoy interacting with kids and capturing who they are in a photo. Their authentic self, that is what I am after on a photo shoot -- not fake smiles. Children grow so fast and every stage of childhood is fascinating. Don't let the moment pass and just wish you had photos of your kiddos at 'that' age, because I know as a mom, you can't get it time back.

My very favorite type of session is the newborn session.  These are typically done when your baby is 8-15 days old. They are beautiful photos of God's miracle!!  You will never get tired of looking at photos of your tiny blessing.  They are memories that you will cherish forever. 

My style is classic modern--or whatever that is, right? What I want you to do is get timeless images of your children. I want you to be able to look at a photo of mine 20 years from now and love it as much then as today. I want to be able to capture your children in a way that will never go out of style or get 'out of date'.

I am not for everyone--the galleries on the website and the blog are a true representation of the type of work I do. Take a close look at both of these and decide if I am the one for you. I, more than anything, want you to love the photos and the first step in that process is to determine if you enjoy the style of work that I do.

My favorite saying:
"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."
Remember those moments with pictures!

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